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The Ethics Pilot

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The Ethics Pilot

The Ethics Pilot
As you get started using this tool, you will soon come to realize how it is designed to simplify as well as clarify and define the ethical Pilotlines within your cooperation.
How it all got started – the story of the Ethics Pilot
Numerous times the question has been brought up. Is it possible to bring ethical Pilotlines into our daily working life and if so, how and in what way? Ethical questions are abstract in nature and therefore it may seem like a very complex process to integrate these aspects into daily working routines. We need to turn it into something we can understand and relate to without creating too much of extra work. This is something we find interesting, but the questions remains - is it possible to transform ethical theories into practice at work?
Yes, we believe it can be done. How then, you might ask? With all due respect to the complexity of the topic we got started by looking back at the years from working on the field in close contact with companies of different profiles. We have always prioritized listening and keeping a high standard in the dialogue with our customers, something that has lead to a broad understanding of different needs and objectives. The accumulated experience makes it possible to take a step back and look at how to improve companies and organizations from an ethical perspective. This is the beginning of a tool, easy to be implemented and used regardless of size, structure and type of organization.
So, the answer is yes, now we know it can be done. The Ethics Pilot works, creating the necessary environment required for a high, ethical standard, wherever it is in use (” plugged in”). Most often the answer to a complex dilemma is – simplicity.
Yes, with a humble attitude we know we are able to offer you the very best!
That is how it all got started. With a question.

This is how it works – step by step
Prime step – creating your own Ethical wheel
By initially choosing ethical road marks together with your working department, you create your own, unique Ethical wheel.
Words often chosen are e.g. openness, loyalty, responsibility….and more.
The Second step – case by case
Realistic unique cases from your working environment are used in a workshop during the seminar day. This is to bring it closer to your company.
The Third step – the compass
The Ethical road marks you have chosen as a first step are now Pilotlines when you work through the compass - displaying the result and in what areas improvement is needed (including suggestion of priority) as well in a short as in a long-term planning.
The Forth step – the contract
To secure a high quality standard of Ethical Pilotlines we suggest a written contract – enabling a continuity as well as control of the process, you have just started.

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